A Global Creative Cooperative.

Entrepreneurial creative, marketing & business development services from an international collaboration of independent consultants and small shops.

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We provide comprehensive, big picture service to our clients by leveraging the combined talent of creative pools in Amsterdam, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto. We offer comprehensive creative, marketing, public relations and business development services, all with an entrepreneurial perspective. All work done through Innovatory is performed by strategically developed teams sourced through our co-operative members. This approach allows us to form the best possible teams designed for efficient achievement and goal attainment.

  • Big picture

    Our diversity of experience provides a perspective most other agencies struggle to achieve as they focus in on narrow specialists. We build teams specifically designed to bring your project a fresh vision and approach.

  • Entrepreneurial

    What other professional services agency or group also happens to run its own incubator/accelerator? We do and it shows. Our entire approach is entrepreneurial and so are our client projects.


Strategy, Experience Design & Technology.

Despite recent advances in web type technology we’re still fairly limited when it comes to creative typography layouts, meaning image replacement techniques are still common, but these days we have massive choice when it comes to selecting fonts for our designs.

Core Team

We are entrepreneurs.

Each of us has started their own successful businesses and we build teams for our client projects with this perspective in mind.

Lincoln Bauer

Managing Partner

Public relations, business development, brand identity & strategy.

Zoë Gordon

Managing Partner

Logistics, brand development, business processes, strategy, business development and public relations.

Leandra Lipson (Ellie too!)

Partner for Cause Relation & Nonprofit Development

Strategy, cause-related marketing, nonprofit development, public relation and community development.

Simmone Park

Partner for Special Projects

Community and global initiatives, public relations and client services.

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